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Is There An Ethical Consideration In Corporate Gift Giving

November 16th, 2010

Corporate gift giving is a touch impersonal than when we give gifts to friends or loved ones. Fundamentally, when we give gifts to people we know, we tend to consider if the recipient will be pleased with what we have given them. In corporate gift giving, however, this consideration is usually absent.

These gifts are expensive things and they normally do not have any role to play in marketing the products or services of the organization, which means that they do not have any reference to the company. However, businesses often do promotion through distribution of merchandise like pens, mouse pads, USB drives, and other gifts to the workforce and prospective customers.

At the time of giving a corporate gift, it is nevertheless critical to keep in consideration the interests of the individual to whom the gift is being presented, and attempt to customize it accordingly. Business gifting should always be chosen with the recipient in mind. There is no point giving a gift – particularly a corporate gift – to an individual who will not appreciate what we have gifted. We should be looking to create a ‘WOW’ wherever possible.

The effect of the corporate gift on the rapport with a customer or an employee depends on how expensive the person perceives the gift to be. Before giving a corporate gift, you should enquire with your legal department regarding any constraints that may have been imposed by law on this act.

It’s important to prepare for corporate gift-giving beforehand by setting a budget, planning the number of gifts to buy, and hunting for volume discounts with retailers. The preparation is more important with respect to employee gifts, even more so if your organization is a mid-sized or large corporation. You should procure the correct number of gifts so that no employee whom you wish to appreciate is missed out.

Finally, corporate gift giving, if accomplished within ethical limits, is a great way of keeping favorable relations with the staff and of strengthening the bonds of partnership between clients and the company. Just keep two things in mind – the law and your expenditure.

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Global Economic Depression Must Not Put A Damper On The Essence Of Corporate Gift Giving

October 16th, 2010

The success of a company is felt in the way it can weather the storms of worldwide economic recession. One important component to stay focused on is keeping the loyalty of clients and business partners. Business associates are a variable group of individuals, and are known to cancel investments when a company least expects it. To keep business bonds, a meaningful corporate gift can help retain business associates’ vested interests with the firm.

The fate of any business organization is controlled by the power to retain and build great relationships with their customers as well as draw in new customers. In competitive economic times you need the business from your customers more than ever. You may not be resourceful to secure new business easily but if you have taken care of your clients in the past they will stay with you even when times are tough. To ensure that your clients always know that you treasure them giving them appropriate gifts will always plant great seeds for the future. Giving is always the first step to getting and not the other way around

A corporate gift should be judiciously selected keeping the recipient in mind, as in case the gift does not appeal to the recipient, the purpose of giving a gift would be defeated. The gift may be attached to a promotional initiative, while introducing a new product, or simply distributed at regular intervals to keep the customer in a good spirit.

Corporate gifts can range from cost-effective products like coffee mugs, small gift items and stationery to more costly and refined items like a bottle of good wine. The gift could be sealed with the company’s logo to ensure that it remains in the memory of the receiver for a long time.

However, it is very essential to examine the quality of the gift because it represents the name and reputation of the company. An inferior gift will only be a futile effort as it won’t be able to convey the thankfulness that the company wants to show to its customers. In times like these when companies are confronting economic problems and are looking out for cost effective solutions, it is better to avoid making a poor impression on your clients.

Corporate gifts, if utilized correctly, display qualities that make them an effective and efficient marketing tool. If used intelligently, they can strengthen business bonds even through the storm of economic downturn.

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Setting Apart Eco-Friendly Corporate Tokens

October 16th, 2010

Indeed, it needs a little more effort on the part of a company that likes to give corporate gifts that are socially and environment friendly. Nevertheless, these keepsakes are more cherished for their positive contribution to the betterment of human lives and the conservation of the planet for future generations.

When you’re honouring diligent team members and respected clients with ecologically friendly or socially friendly corporate gifts, you are also promoting a green lifestyle that indicates your company concerns about our earth and the less advantaged people so more will naturally cherish the gift.

Of course the best type of eco gift is one where you do not in fact give anything! There are umteen such gift options now available such as Buy1GIVE1, Kiva and Change The Present.

When you use eco-friendly corporate gifts it is always fundamental to know your recipient. You’ll want to choose a gift that represents the gratitude you feel. Whether its for saying thank you for staying in the office late to meet tight deadlines or running that extra mile to close a sales deal, your team members committed their valuable time to the improve your business. So the extra effort needed to create a special eco-gift or social gift is fitting considering the reason why you want to give the gift in the first place.

More and more customers and employees appreciate something that gives twice. They receive the greatest gift in knowing that a child, the environment, a school or other impressive causes have benefited because of them.

Several years ago no one would have thought that giving to a charity cause in the name of one of your customers or staff would be considered a meaningful gift. Well thankfully times have changed! Staff are looking beyond material commodities these days and are wanting for new meaning in their work and life. Eco and Social gifts can be magnificent presents.

Change the Present is a charity organisation that allows you to transform our world while giving to others. Just Google them to find out more.

Buy1GIVE1 is a unique Singapore based organisation that allows you, as a company, to give something to those in need each time you sell something. This amazing vision of what they call transaction-based giving is SO compelling when you know that you can share the joy of giving with your customers and employees – everyone can be involved. To find out more, Google them, typing in Buy1GIVE1 or B1G1.

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Pointers In Choosing Corporate Gifts For Clients

October 14th, 2010

Corporate gift giving is a very formidable method designed for the success of any business enterprise. When given in an appropriate manner, corporate gifts can help strengthen business partnerships. Further, it can also help keep employees’ and staff’s loyalty to the corporation. There are simply a few pointers to follow when preparing to give corporate gifts.

Corporate gifts are most of the times valuable products, and they are often given away without any mark of the company on the item, as they are not for advertising. On the other hand, various gift items are often given away for promotional purposes, such as stationery objects, USB drives, or key chains. In such cases, the gifts are usually marked with the company’s symbol before they are distributed to workers or potential clients.

At the time of giving a corporate gift, it is important to keep in mind the interests of the person to whom the gift is being given, and to tailor it accordingly. Firms typically like to give personalised and expensive gifts to their clients, but internally they normally distribute a moderately expensive, but highly functional gift.

The apparent worth of a corporate gift is its most important characteristic. It is this aspect which has the desired impact on the client or employee, which aids in developing and maintaining a cordial working relationship with them. Referring to internal lawyers of your company before giving corporate gifts is a good idea, because in some place the law might prohibit it.

It is important to prepare for corporate gift-giving beforehand by setting a budget, estimating the number of gifts to purchase, and looking for bulk deals with retailers. This is obviously more useful in case of gifts to employees, especially if yours is a large company. You should procure the right number of gifts so that no employee whom you plan to appreciate is missed out.

To sum it up, giving corporate gifts is a smart business practice, which helps your business develop a stronger and association with your staff, as well as with your clients. To sum up, gifting gifts within the corporate setting is a great move for building and growing stronger business related bonds. After all, nobody ever refuses a gift.

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Economic Slumps Should Not Be A Hindrance To Presenting Corporate Gifts

September 19th, 2010

A company’s triumph is seen by how it can roll with the punches slugged out by the uncertain economic conditions all over the world. A crucial factor to constantly bear in mind in dodging being KO-ed by the economic recession is how to keep clients loyal to the corporation. Retaining the clients is such a tricky job as these are a category of people who could pull out their investments at the drop of the hat. A token — such a corporate gift — goes a long way in maintaining the good relationship between a company and their clients.

While selecting a corporate gift, the beneficiary should always be a prime consideration, as the sole objective of the gift is to please the recipient. Corporate gifts could be distributed for the promotion of a new product or service launch or given on special occasions such as New Year to show customers recognition and effort to maintain a lasting relationship.

Corporate gifts can range from inexpensive products like coffee mugs, small gift items and stationery to more costly and classy items like a bottle of good wine. An intelligent way to remind customers about the company is to emblazon a logo on the gift item.

Consider a gift that gives when you are thinking about corporate gifts. More and more people are changing to different ways of thinking and want others to benefit. Buy1GIVE1, KIVA and Change The Present are organisations that can offer gift value to your clients and staff. Check Buy1GIVE1 out at

As the gift showcases the company, the quality of the gift must not be at variance with the standard and quality the company delivers. The quality of a gift plays a pivotal role as you don’t want the customers to misjudge the intention of gifting. In times like these when companies are confronting economic problems and are looking out for cost effective solutions, it is better to avoid making a poor impression on your customers.

Corporate gifts display qualities that make them a powerful and great marketing tool. Even though they can act as a double edged sword if utilized inappropriately, but by practicing a little precaution, they can work wonders for a business in times of economic downturns.

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Collar Pins – Cost-Effective Marketing Tools

August 13th, 2010

A corporate gift is as essential as any other organization strategy for a company. It plays a multi pronged role in an organization and that is why it is so critical to select the correct gift.

Collar pins are colourful, stylish and attractive, and therefore are perfect items to be presented in corporate circles. New design technologies in collar pins further enhance the versatility of these pins as they can even have an organization’s name engraved on them. They can even bear the company’s message and can be manufactured in the shape of a product the organization deals in or manufactures.

It is their sheer variety that makes collar pins sought after as a corporate gift for both staff and customers. As corporate gifts, they satisfy both staff and clients, and thus they help in employee retention and in generating repeat business.

Budget is another factor that determines the choice of a corporate gift. With collar pins, budget is never an issue, because their market price can never surpass their appeal. The usefulness and functionality of collar pins make sure that they are happily sported by people on different occasions and are not just placed at one place for adornment. Collar pins are often worn by employees, and their frequent use ensures higher visibility and awareness of the brand among the public.

However, organizations must consider some crucial factors before deciding to give away collar pins as corporate gifts. Durability of collar pins is of prime importance as they should be designed for daily use.

Next, the styling of collar pins should be appealing enough to tempt the beneficiaries to wear them more often. Use of a lot of colours and absence of balance in design of the pin might have a negative effect on people, and hence they must be done away with. Moreover, the convenience of use must be a prime consideration at the time of designing collar pins as corporate gifts.

Corporate gifts are an effective way for a business to extend its presence among its target audience, as such gifts have great visibility and circulation among the public. In this regard, collar pins suit perfectly like no other corporate gift does. They are a time-tested promotion medium and have been successfully used by organizations for years. Considering all the exclusive qualities that collar pins have as corporate gifts, companies that have been unwilling in making use of them must wake up to their potential.

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