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Finding The Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag

May 31st, 2011

Once you start to get ready for camping, you will want to make sure that you are thinking a lot about the sleeping bags along with all the other camping stuff. If you do not have the best possible sleeping bags, you will find that you will not be all that comfortable. Because of the need for Lightweight sleeping bags and comfort, many companies have invested a lot of time and money into research. Some bags are so light that they weigh just a few ounces and might fold down to the size of maybe a water bottle.

Lightweight sleeping bags, also called ultralight sleeping bags or ultralight backpacks, are a camping gear necessity as they are easy to carry, light in weight and always handy when warmth and comfort are desired. There are sleeping bags which can be used in extreme climatic conditions too, and some bags just can not stand water. So when choosing sleeping bags, it is mandatory to consider what environmental conditions will be present during camping.

While selecting sleeping bags, also consider the durability, shape and material of the bag, as some bags are made of light weight silk floss with polyester lining, and some have heavy fillings which are clumsy. The choice also depends upon the habits of the individual camper. If you are an occasional camper, then lightweight bags with minimum weight can be useful. If, on the other hand, you always keep your camping stuff ready, then you will have to find something of superior quality and price.

You will also want to make sure that you are paying attention to the shape of the bag. There are rectangular shaped bags and even mummy shaped lightweight sleeping bags. There are bags that have a temperature rating, which is based on how warm the body will be once in the bag sleeping.

Maintenance of your camping stuff and sleeping bags is also necessary, so look for bags which are easily washed and do not require special washing instructions. Do not go for goose-filled bags, as they take more time to dry, while those made with poly fill or synthetic material will dry quite quickly.

Always consider the carrying options for sleeping bags, as there are ultra thin insulated bags which can be packed in as little space as a water bottle.There are also some bags which occupy more space, so depending on how much camping stuff you are carrying, choose a bag that will not overburden you.

You will also find that the prices of the sleeping bags will vary from one company to another. Some will be way less expensive, but they will not be of as high of quality. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are looking over the camping stuff selections very carefully.

Once you have walked a long distance, you will want to make sure that you are going to get a very good night of rest. With the right sleeping bag, that will be possible. The more research you do regarding the lightweight sleeping bags, the better prepared you will be.

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Some Great Basic Experiential Marketing Ideas

March 17th, 2011

Experiential marketing involves all sorts of different marketing strategies in order to engage the potential customer in a way previously unheard of in advertising, promoting, and marketing in general. By engaging in various strategies you are able to interact with the customer far more intimately, offering them a far more positive and memorable experience. If you are considering different experiential marketing strategies, you may want to think about the following options.

Route tools would be one option that many companies are looking into. With rotor tours you simply take your company name, brand, and products on the road and engage directly with customers. You can provide them with a great understanding of the services and products you are offering, and can get some feedback from what they might want from you.

Home parties are a more intimate way of marketing your services and products. Try to keep the guest list low and invite less than 20 prospective buyers to your home in order to advertise your company. Presented to them, let them sample products, and answer any questions that they might have.

Sampling in itself is a very simple and yet very effective marketing tool as well. You can simply send sample products to targeted potential buyers to see if they will like what you are offering. Make sure that anyone you do send your samples to are targeted specifically so that you do not waste money on time.

Or perhaps you could conduct a direct mail marketing campaign. Make sure that you conduct a great deal of market research so that you only target specific individuals and businesses. Find out exactly what they want, and then send them personalised letters about your business and about your products.

All all, experiential marketing leeds is certainly a very productive way of advertising everything that your company has to offer. Hopefully these tips should have given you some ideas of how you can progress with various marketing methods.

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The Incredible Brilliance Of The Invention Of Auto GPS For Direction Finding

October 13th, 2010

Who would have guessed that the knowledge of how to identify your position based on sighting of the stars could eventually allow us to find our hotel on a business trip? This information journey began with man studying the stars and discovering they were pretty stable in the sky, and that if we account for the movement of the earth, we could reverse the process and find ourselves by looking at them. The auto GPS borrows heavily from the history of navigation.

Navigation has been around since ancient times, but not always in the same format. Early navigation was accomplished mostly by academicians on land, not by sailors who really needed the tool. These brave adventurers relied on the concept of dead reckoning. This is the idea of recording the magnetic direction one is heading and the speed at which one is travelling, factoring in the affect of currents and calculating a position.

The actual method by which that is done is considerable more complex than many recognize. The science depends on several entering arguments; a relative position of an observer, a horizon, and the known star. Fortunately man has been recording and studying the stars since the early Greeks, so their position for any given day and time are known. The relative position of our observer is determined by dead reckoning, which works by itself well enough for the Portuguese to make it back and forth to the new world.

Using modern sextants, when sighting at sunset or sunrise, the measurement had to be taken over time to compensate for the up and down motion caused by swells and waves. Even when the process of sighting the heavenly bodies was perfected for use in aircraft, this time of sighting had to be preserved to account for the movement of aircraft. Since aircraft move much faster than ships at sea, the accuracy of the navigation techniques had to be improved.

With this sextant, celestial sightings can be taken at any time, as it uses a bubble and gravity to show where the horizon is and allow accurate measurements. While the technique is complex and the sextant complex, celestial navigation is considered an archaic method of positioning. To accomplish the sightings, the sextant is inserted into a mount, through the aircraft skin and into the slipstream. With its two power periscope, many stars can be seen, though 57 are normally used for navigation.

When performing celestial navigation in the daytime, the star is obviously the easiest to find, but it yields only a single line of position, so it is less accurate than night celestial navigation. Using three stars located approximately 120 degrees apart in azimuth, it is possible to plot an exceedingly accurate position, even over the ocean, far from land. Unfortunately, the mathematical computations required are an acquired skill and the process is time consuming.

A tremendous step forward in navigation was the invention of the inertial navigation system, which operated by measuring the movement of aircraft in three dimensions. This technology allows for the collection of all the forces acting on the aircraft; thrust, drift and azimuth based from careful calibration of its starting point. It allows for accuracy in location many times better than navigating by the stars and dead reckoning, and can be accomplished by the computer, no navigator needed.

The final step in navigation progress came about with the satellite era. Since these man made celestial bodies have known positions and can be programmed to transmit signals with that information, a receiver on earth can determine the position it is anywhere in the world. Add computer overlaid maps and you can find your way road by road to places you have never been to before.

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