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Strategies About How An Individual Could Try Tracing a Smartphone?

May 27th, 2011

In the present times thanks to the advancement in the technology, there are a lot of systems that have made tracking a cell phone quite easy. This was not imaginable even in the recent past. Now even the Federal Communication Commission has asked the cell phone companies to offer the GPS tracking system as a must service.

This new GPS technology is an easier method to track a cell phone compared to the old ways where one either had to make a call from another cell number or had to use the online service. Tracking the location of people stuck in emergency situations also becomes easy. Also the law enforcement agencies in search of criminals can use this system in their search operations.

Like for any other technology this system to has its advantages & disadvantages specifically from the perspective of a person conscious of his or her privacy; as through this system one has to open their information to both, the authorities & the service providers. Therefore, before you decide to track a cell phone select the service provider with great care as the stakes are high.

GPS tracking, using a cell phone carrier or using a software program are some of the tracking system options that one has. The most hassle free system however, if to get a cell phone that has an inbuilt GPS tracking system. The service providers and makers of cell phones don’t use the GPS system but use the network system for tracking. In this system the signals from the closest towers are used for locating the cell phone.

The other method you may use in locating your cell phone when it is lost or misplaced is to enquire from service providers if they do offer cell phone tracking. If they do then there is a monthly fee for the additional service. The cell phone tracker programs can be accessed through AT & T Family Map, Sprint/ Nextel Mobile Locator and Verizon’s family Locator. These services can help you track a cell phone and are good especially if you want to trace the where-about of your employees or children.

You can also buy and install software that can help track a cell phone. This method involves you tracking the cell phone from your own phone and computer. The software can be downloaded directly to your cell phone or computer and most of them use the GPS tracking system to locate your phone.

A couple of prominent softwares of tracking include Accu Tracking, GPS Monitoring Service and MapQuest Find Me along with many others. It is advised that first search and then pick the one that suits your needs. To track a cell phone the Google Latitude service is also used, which is used to track your near ones. Here again the signal tower technology is used for tracking.

This system enables you to use a mobile phone that may not come with the GPS tracking. These are map-based cell phone locating programs. There are advantages and disadvantages of using the GPS tracking and map-bases application systems to locate your cell phone. The cell phone tracking system may be good if you want to trace your child or family friend but bad perpetuators of evil or criminals as they are able to locate their victim.

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