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The Top 5 Tips on Obtaining Freebies

July 31st, 2011

Getting stuff for FREE off the Net is great, particularly given the economic environment in America. The debt crisis that is crippling the country with only days left before a call must be made, is making everyone frightened. We’re at a stage where the US debt default fears are growing as UK becomes safest haven for bondholders which is also concerning. I think the subsequent couple of months will see people retreat back into their houses and seriously consider budgeting for the family. Therefore the ability to get free stuff comes into bigger play as the economy continues to struggle on.

Here are my top 5 tips on getting free stuff:

1) Set up an extra email account – this is crucial so that you do not get spam to your everyday account. While you are getting stuff for “free”, corporations offset that by advertising their services and goods to you through email.

2) Avoid any offer that needs credit card – if there is an offer making claims to be free but needs you to complete several paid offers, then it really isn’t free. In addition, you don’t want to be stuck attempting to get out an of a contract that’s debiting your credit card.

3) Do not share sensitive info – Only share what you feel is necessary or you feel comfortable for the freebie. If you’re requesting a sample of a product, they’ll need your address which is fine, but never share personal information like SSN or Birth Date. Identity theft is on the up and you want to defend yourself.

4) Request free stuff directly from the company – when you request free stuff straight from the company, there’s almost no possibility of getting tricked. Aside from profits, a company has their reputation to guard. If a firm like Sony is offering a free download, they are essentially going to deliver, or the negative reaction will destroy future good will to the company.

5) Use the search engines to get the best freebies – With complicated algorithms, search engines these days will bring the best and most authorised sites on the 1st page for key words like free stuff, freebies and free samples.

These tips should be more than ample to keep you protected but get the finest freebies on the market.

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