Birthdays gifts Experience days for all the family

August 4th, 2011

If you are looking for a truly memorable birthday gift for your loved ones then look no further as there is something for everyone. If you like to chill out there is something for you, if you like an adrenaline rush there is something for you, if you just want to get away from it all for a few days there is something for you. In fact I’m going to go out on a limb here and say there is something for just about everyone.

Brother: Brothers are always bit tricky to buy for. You could go for the usual funny boxer shorts with a monkey on them or buy them a brother cup with a football on it. I would say put some effort in and buy him a special day to remember my top three gifts for a brother would have to be the Brewery tour, the Football stadium tour & The Sports car driving experience day.

Sister: So what do you buy your sister for her birthday another cheap make-up set that will probably give her a rash? I’m sure there are a lot of sisters saying just a card this year please, that because they don’t know about the great days there brothers could be getting them. My top three experience days for a sister would have to be the design your own perfume experience, the shopping tour and the St. Tropez tanning session.

Mum: Mum struggles to pull off a convincing smile as she opens a body shop soap set for the fourth year running when last year’s set is still unopened in the bathroom; put in a bit of effort she did give birth to you after all. My top three experience days for a Mum would have to be the cookery class (not that she needs it), the Mother & Child photo-shoot, and the relaxing spa day.

Dad: My Dad is quite easy to shop for he is an artist and so I just buy him paint, an easel, or an Andy Warhol book. But what he doesn’t know is he is going Sky Diving this year (only joking). I’m sure it’s not that simple for everyone so for dads I would say my top three experience days would be the Golf break, the Fishing trip and the Spy games.

Girlfriend/Wife: A word of advice don’t be tempted to go and buy your girlfriend clothes for her birthday she won’t be happy. Either seek some advice from your Mum & Sister or of course you could try out a great experience day and you know what you could even join her. My top three experience days for a Girlfriend are the overnight Theatre Break, Scuba Diving for two, or the relaxing pampering day.

Boyfriend/Husband: Well my girlfriend does pretty well on my birthday’s well I have to say that she is going to read this after all but if I was more into experience days than the great presents that she has been buying me (I’m not saying I am) I would have to say my top three would be Bungee jumping, Tank driving experience & the Luxury tree house break for two.

Children: Children are hard work when it comes to buying them a present because they can’t make their mind up on Monday they love Hannah Montana then on Tuesdays she is yesterday’s news then on Wednesday she is the best thing since sliced bread again. Give the kids something different to do my top three experience days for kids are the Indoor skydiving simulator, the Kids secret agent day and the Family go karting day.

I have tried to sum up what people in general may like although I’m sure all families are different there are probably Sisters who want to drive a Ferrari, Brothers who like to fake tan, Mums that like Bungee jumping & Dads who just want to watch the telly I’m just here to give you some ideas.

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Are You Getting Screwed By Your Phone Bill? – How To Save

August 4th, 2011

During these difficult financial times, conserving as much as you can on your mobile phone bill is essential. Ideally these pointers will allow you to stick a lot more cash in your wallet. So next moment you open your bill I hope it’ll be a pleasing surprise.

First thing to remember, is that you have to have the proper strategy. With the right mobile plan you’ll get rid of wasteful fees and charges. As an example, the imprudent actions you can take with regards to expense, is go in for an unlimited plan. Unlimited plans are definitely the largest money pits around. As an alternative, go through on paper, just what you require from your cell plan. Do you really need unlimited weekends? Do you really need unlimited sms messages? In cases where you phone long-distance a whole lot then you certainly will want to look into acquiring a long-distance deal. Remove everything else you do not require.

When you have a bad credit score one of the most effective steps you can take is decide on a pay as you go cell phone plan. Suppliers like Consumer Cellular supply a lot of these adaptable plans which do not demand excellent credit. If you do choose a prepaid cellphone plan there are several guidelines to take into account. Since you will be paying by minute, it’s smart to do stuff like listen to your messages from a landline and add usage alerts to tell you if you are getting close to your per month limit. That way you will prevent the vast majority of additional fees very often get added on. The truth is you can seriously save a ton of money using these sorts of plans and so they should really be an option for you.

One of the better strategies to save cash on your current plan is to get a family package deal. By combining numerous cell phone plans, most companies will give you fantastic deals.

Another excellent small hint, is to stop the insurance plan on the cell phone. By the point you are finished forking over for insurance, you will have quickly spent the same amount as it would have cost to buy a brand-new cellphone.

Don’t get wrapped into thinking you should only go for the major phone carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T mobile. Regional carriers such as U.S. Cellular, Consumer Cellular, and Cricket Wireless offer plans for a lot less money. One of the biggest misconceptions about these types of phone carriers, is that their coverage maps are tiny. The fact is, the coverage they offer is the same as as the big phone companies. Why? Because they simply use the same cellphone networks as those same companies. They simply rent it.

Do not take your cellular phone bill lying down. You should just perform a little research and be imaginative so that you can cut a considerable amount off of your monthly bill. All the best!

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The Best Wide-angle Camera

August 3rd, 2011

The Samsung ES71 12.2MP Pink Digital Compact Photographic camera is a great option for anyone who desires a little-size unit to slip in to the pocket. Just 118 g complete with 12.2 mega pixel capture the ES71 is great for standard pics which make it well suited for getaways and functions, additionally, there are a selection of colours that will match everyone – perhaps even pink for girls and blue for boys!

Theoretically, this distinct Samsung has a 27mm wide-angle camera lens along with 5X visual zoom capability, which, for a camera allows you the flexibility to consider those dinner party snaps that need a little more distance, or perhaps your son or daughter at the end from the garden (needless to say the zoom lens is not potent enough for taking photos of animals in the distant outdoors).

The 12,2 mega-pixels offer ample capacity to take the depth associated with a topic in the fine hair strands of a flower petal to the clearness from the termite limb. Just one manufacturing advance in several compact digital camera models now and contained in the ES71 is Face Diagnosis functionality.

This allows the consumer and facilitates the consumer in getting superior portrait photographs because the software acknowledges faces within a frame from the background and is able to modify focus, lumination and contrast bringing out those facial looks for that wonderful snapshot.

The camera rates highly among those who’ve purchased with only a selection who’ve resented their investment. The overall experience would be that the digicam is very transportable an ideal companion to maintain in the pocket for all those impulsive type shots.

The image results are razor-sharp and highly detailed and the colours are vibrant because of the excellence of the sensing unit which provides effects that one wouldn’t normally expect to have from the digital camera. The wide-angle lens adds just a little width to the shots compared to other similar dslr cameras and extremely is a plus for group photos.

The digital camera isn’t perfect though, there are several scathing observations on the net about it being inadequate in terrible light conditions and you shouldn’t even think about taking it out at night. Another downside is the short USB cable but this is insignificant.

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Using an Extended battery for a Droid Telephone

August 3rd, 2011

Smart telephones such as the HTC Droid Incredible and the Motorola Droid X are superb pieces of technology. They allow us to not only mobile phone folk on the move, but also stay totally connected. We can send emails, check out calendar or even surf the web. There is however one major inability with Smart telephones, and that is the batteries simply don’t last long. This can however be cleared up without trouble using an extended battery.

What is an Extended Battery?

An Extended battery is a special kind of battery which can contain more power than the one supplied with the phone. These have been available for phones for some time, but as smart telephones are so demanding many of them already shipped with the highest capacity batteries currently available.

Comparing Batteries

If you take the battery out of your smartphone you’ll notice 1 or 2 numbers on it. The Volts, and Amps the battery supplies. You should also notice a mAh figure. This stands for Milliamp hours and essentially is related to how much power the battery can store.

The bigger the mAh rating, the longer the battery will last for. So you need to spend a little time selecting a battery that has as high a rating as possible. This will ensure that it will last for much longer.

How to Select a Good High Capacity Battery

It’s crucial to note that not all extended batteries are the same. While many of them will be the same size as the stock battery, one or two will be bigger. This would mean that the existing back of the telephone won’t fit on. In this case a new back is usually supplied with the battery and it’ll add a slight bulge to the back of the telephone.

If you can’t live with this then ensure that the additional life battery you choose is the same size as the real battery for your telephone, just with a higher rating.

Fitting the Extended Battery

The high capacity battery should look pretty much the same as your original battery, even though it will probably be lacking the official makers name as the majority of these are cloned batteries. Fitting it should be as straightforward as removing the old battery and inserting the new one. If you want a new back then this could also need to be put in place.


Your new high capacity battery can be charged in precisely the same way as standard. Simply plug your telephone into charge and the new battery will be charged till it is full. This could usually take longer than the stock battery which was delivered with the telephone. Nevertheless it should also provide much more power when it is completely charged.

An extended battery can be a extremely handy way of making absolutely certain that your telephone does not run out of juice when you actually need to use it. This can change a fairly handy telephone into a very handy and trusty telephone.

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Windows Tablet PCs Compared

August 2nd, 2011

ASUS Eee Slate EP121 Tablet PC

If you need to use Windows apps on a tablet PC then you’re going to have to accept a compromised operating system for a tablet format. However, the Eee Slate EP211 is a good option.

If you need to run Windows software then Android tablets and the iPad are only capable of running lighter versions of office applications and this may not be enough.

It’s important not to compare Windows tablets to Android slates or the iPad as Windows tablets offers a lot more functions and content creation options. Android slates and the iPad are designed more for media consumption.

This tablet is one of the most expensive on the market but it’s also one of the highest spec’d. It needs this to be able to run Windows proficiently.

You have a strong processor, lots of internal storage for saving files and a responsive, 12.1-inch capacitive screen that is bright and sharp.

It’s a larger and heavier tablet than an iPad but substantially lighter than carrying around a netbook running Windows.

It’s worth upgrading to the 4GB processor to ensure a smooth performance with Windows.

Windows gives you lots of flexibility to run any Windows software, play numerous video formats and the Flash web video performance is as good as you can expect on a similar power laptop.

Windows is lacking on a tablet PC as it’s not designed for this format and navigating menus and icons with a finger is difficult. However the ASUS Eee Slate EP121 gives about the best performance for Windows on a tablet.

Acer Iconia Tab W500 Review

The Iconia Tab W500 is another Windows tablet PC with a very responsive multi-touch screen. This time it’s smaller at 10.1-inches.

The processor is good enough to handle the tablet tasks you’d expect – e.g. video playback, web browsing, games. It’s not as strong at the 4GB version of the ASUS tablet though.

Again, very few Windows applications are designed for a tablet PC as they graphics are created for use with a mouse where you have fine control. It’s much harder hitting these graphics with a finger.

If you buy the Iconia Tab W500 with the keyboard dock you can improve the content creation aspect of the tablet. The tablet also comes with USB ports, HDMI port and an SD card port.

A Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi plus 3G version is available depending on when you expect to use the tablet.

It’s weaknesses are in Windows 7 application to a tablet as previously mentions – it’s difficult to use.

It’s also laggy to load up apps and respond to reorientation of the screen.

It’s heavy, should have shipped with more internal storage, the keyboard dock is not of a good quality build and the battery-life weighs in at a disappointing 4 hours of video playback.

The Acer Iconia W500 provides a cheap option for getting Windows on a tablet. The performance is acceptable but not you loose some quality by dropping to this price.

Comparison Outcome

The Eee Slate EP121 beats the Iconia Tab W500 on performance

However, there is a large difference in price with the Acer tablet significantly cheaper that it’s ASUS counterpart.

If you want the best tablet then pay more for the Eee Slate EP121, but if you’re on a budget then the Acer Iconia Tab W500 will still provide a good option.

Windows 8 is on it’s way fairly soon so you may wish to hold on for that – it’s due to have a much better approach to the tablet format.

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Right Here We Are Going To Evaluate And Have A More Complete Look At The IPhone 3GS

August 2nd, 2011

I am sure that just about everyone has heard of the iPhone. This is one of Apple’s top cell phones of all time. Although iPhone is not the only game in town when it comes to smart phones, it is one of the best even while competitors continue to try to build better models for themselves. Because cell phones continue to be used for other operations other than talking on the phone, advancements in the hardware and software continue to be made on a daily basis. This is pretty much what the iPhone 3GS turned out to be with that key letter S representing speed and even with its successor the iPhone 4 getting all the love now, the iPhone 3GS Smart-Phone is still surprisingly relevant and continues to sell.


If not for the predecessors of the iPhone 3GS it might not have been so well liked, nevertheless, as the iPhone’s before had been such fantastic phones it laid the particular ground work for the iPhone 3GS. Of course, not every individual is a major fan of Apples walled garden method, nevertheless the App Store is stuffed with 300,000 third-party applications which are only compatible together with the iPhone 3GS and its related iPhone designs. No other competition can make use of the iOS operating system and iPhone consumers typically get to experience the most recent applications before Android or some other platform users. What makes the particular iPhone 3GS a lot more desirable in comparison to its predecessors is its support for the iOS 4 operating system which works natively on the iPhone 4. This upgrade offers a lot of extra features such as the ability to move applications in folders for far better sorting as well as increased browser speeds and improved connectivity with iPad and Apple TV devices.

Relating to the hardware end, the iPhone 3GS looks similar to the past a couple of iPhones which is perfect for people that are already used to the style. Even though the display received no aesthetic advancements, the particular surface area of the touchscreen display will be a lot more resistant against smudges and fingerprints. Furthermore if you’re looking for notable improvements in the camera performance, you got it. With 3 MP and also auto focus you will find a noticeable difference between the older models. And because so many men and women love to use their phones as convenient camcorders the point that this unit records video at 30 frames per second, can be impressive enough, nevertheless, you are also able to distribute your videos straight to YouTube.

Down Sides

If you are in to multitasking, you will need to buy 2 iPhone 3GS’s, basically because this phone is not really built for multitasking, even with the update. And if you look at the 3G and the 3GS, you will notice that the only real difference between the two is the browser speed. Some people feel that the iPhone 4 is a better investment with the even more improved camera as well as other options, but if you just want the basics this phone is great.


Because you can easily grab this smartphone for $49 through AT&T providing you sign up for a two year agreement, tends to make this specific phone extremely attractive to many individuals. More than likely you remember when this smartphone first was released it cost around four times that amount, so for the price tag it is certainly a great deal.

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What has LG Included in its New LG 55LW6500 in Terms of Features?

August 1st, 2011

The LG 55LW6500 is the second in a new series of 3-D enabled flat-panel televisions offered by LG. This television is sold with 4 attractive, light-weight, simple to utilise 3-D glasses, and this model in the LG LW6500 series is the only models offered with the glasses within the box. LG has included Cinema 3D technologies in this LG 3D TV model, and the 55 in. display offers television spectators of beautiful view of all television shows. This device is sold with a “magic wand-like” infrared RC device , a matching base, and the television is wall mountable. To see what else comes included with this particular flat panel offering it's required to look at the set’s design and product specs.

The LG 55LW6500 has a frame that's less than 1 in. thick. It's got a black outer housing with a silver enhancement around the edge. The body of this television set is oblong in shape, and the corners are softly curved. The back panel on this flat panel television sports all of the connectivity options in color-coded format. Some controls for operating device are on the front of the television, but the television will be basically operated with a RC. The base that comes included with this television is also black and has a short, clear, cube shaped neck. Obviously, one will find this television offering highly attractive the instant they behold it.

The LG Infinia 55LW6500 has a backlit LED display, Smart TV access, an Internet browser, in-house apps, and augmented 3-D processing features. This tV sports a local resolution equaling up to 1920 by 1080 pixels. It has an excellent contrast proportion, a superb aspect ratio, and the tV is DLNA compliant. This set is crafted with a 240 Hz refresh rate, a 16 to 9 aspect proportion, and it's 3-D prepared.

The LG Infinia 55LW6500 is created with energy saving modes for the environmentally conscious or for those customers looking to attenuate the price of their electricity bill. This set is also kitted out with LED flat panel display technologies, local dimming, passive 3-D features, NetCast access, and it has got a wireless AV Link. This tV is Wi-Fi enabled, and it has earned flicker free verification. The best feature found on this particular tV is the film type patterned retarder display panel sporting nanotechnologies included for the purposes of evenly distributing LED lighting.

The LG 55LW6500 is a general exceptional flat panel, 3-D enabled television. Its design makes it a TV set that will prove beautiful in the home or at the office. This set comes with a wide range of connectivity options, and it can simply be made the heart of one’s entertaining center. With features like 3-D light boost, flicker free verification, a rapid refresh rate, smooth motion processing technologies, 2-D to 3-D conversion functions, expansive calibrations, an array of white balance controls, and an ideal colour temperature, this device serves as a brilliant investment for the television seeking consumer.

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Whose Phone Number Is This? “The best Way to find The Proper Answer

August 1st, 2011

One of the most typical questions when it comes to the aggravating calls we frequently receive is indisputably ‘Whose Telephone Number is This’. A couple of years ago, a response to this question was just about impossible to find, unless the individual person ultimately decided to share his/her identity. Today nevertheless , the circumstances are way different and this is generally because of the progress of technology. In this present time it is possible to be your own phone detective.

Who would think that a phone detective software, personal info to someone calling you at midnight for whatever reason, it should be easy? But if you ultimately find and make use of the programs available freely over the Internet can do that, not that much effort and time. This is due to that you only need a PC connected to the Net, and a minute or two. If not, then you're ready, and I still like this process simple and straight.

Firstly, all over the Internet, it's miles better for you. Some of the factors that is critical for you to be concerned about the GUI, and how intuition sure that the Web site. Since in most cases, you should provide your name and address, email, you don't need to share info and spam services, as the email messages promoting products that will contain a virus has the same meaning.

If the candidate is located on the Web, you only need to open your account, a confirmation email sent to you, and you are done. Usually, you can depend on to make sure that confidential information is, because if you opt to visit a website, if you trust the data remain protected. After creating your account, some of the options available to members only you will get. One is the search function permits you to research some of the personal data of the mobile phone owners. So be sure to use this information for future action. Sometimes if you talk to folks, having detailed information about a telephone call in the evening it'll vanish and not need to fret about them again.

Be certain to use this superb opportunity, as often as you can, because you don't need to miss this amazing opportunity to numbers affected communities, and the nameless phone call. If you consider that all that you need is a computer attached to the Internet, and supplies a couple of minutes, you will find an excellent recipe and the best for this form. As technology has made great progress in the previous year, now everybody knows that a call ID Search on the web while not having to pay a buck each to be used as a web page. So take care you take advantage of this situation , and you will not regret it. All you need to do is use the search function also includes the coordinates re the most advanced software, and 1 or 2 seconds, then the outcome of the filter.

With a little luck, you cannot just call their names, and a hidden number, but you may find the age, address and other info that will provide help to avoid annoying calls. After debating the above information is useful function, it protects more and more, irrespective of the appeal, and the reasons behind the phone call made in the night.

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The Top 5 Tips on Obtaining Freebies

July 31st, 2011

Getting stuff for FREE off the Net is great, particularly given the economic environment in America. The debt crisis that is crippling the country with only days left before a call must be made, is making everyone frightened. We’re at a stage where the US debt default fears are growing as UK becomes safest haven for bondholders which is also concerning. I think the subsequent couple of months will see people retreat back into their houses and seriously consider budgeting for the family. Therefore the ability to get free stuff comes into bigger play as the economy continues to struggle on.

Here are my top 5 tips on getting free stuff:

1) Set up an extra email account – this is crucial so that you do not get spam to your everyday account. While you are getting stuff for “free”, corporations offset that by advertising their services and goods to you through email.

2) Avoid any offer that needs credit card – if there is an offer making claims to be free but needs you to complete several paid offers, then it really isn’t free. In addition, you don’t want to be stuck attempting to get out an of a contract that’s debiting your credit card.

3) Do not share sensitive info – Only share what you feel is necessary or you feel comfortable for the freebie. If you’re requesting a sample of a product, they’ll need your address which is fine, but never share personal information like SSN or Birth Date. Identity theft is on the up and you want to defend yourself.

4) Request free stuff directly from the company – when you request free stuff straight from the company, there’s almost no possibility of getting tricked. Aside from profits, a company has their reputation to guard. If a firm like Sony is offering a free download, they are essentially going to deliver, or the negative reaction will destroy future good will to the company.

5) Use the search engines to get the best freebies – With complicated algorithms, search engines these days will bring the best and most authorised sites on the 1st page for key words like free stuff, freebies and free samples.

These tips should be more than ample to keep you protected but get the finest freebies on the market.

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A Quick Look at Choosing a Laptop

July 31st, 2011

Deciding which laptop to chose can be tough. Searching among the best laptops for college involves analyzing 1 or 2 factors. In this article I’ll simply suggest 4 different classes to consider.

The Desktop Laptop – This category will encompass your more sizable laptops – 17-18″ diameter.

– Most powerful laptops
– Most flexible apropos software capacity
– Compact compared against a desktop

The Standard Laptop – This category is where a normal laptop will be seen – 15-16″ diameter screen.

– Here’s where the most competitive prices are usually found – depending on build quality
– Good power, but keeping mobility
– Capable of running most programs.

The Ultralight Laptop – This category is for the super thin and light laptops in the 13-14″ diameter size.

– A little more expensive than the Standard Laptops
– Due to the nature of ultra thin laptops, these tend to be of considerably prime quality.
– Able to run the majority of programs – minus more forceful production type programs due to less performance.

The Netbook – These are still laptops, but are quite little and compact. 8-11″ Size.

– Netbooks are Cheap and very compact. They can be had for 1/4 the price of the standard laptop.
– In a position to do standard activities such as web-surfing, email and word processing.
– Sadly their build quality is quite poor – though solid netbooks can be purchased.
– Not able to run many programs – the performance of netbooks is quite a bit less than a laptop (hence the lower price).

These are the basic classes that you will find laptops organized into. Each class has a selection of quality factors and performance that can be found. Price does not always mean the laptop is good, it can be an indicator. The general idea of ‘you get what you pay for ‘ is pretty correct when it comes to laptops.

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